FastComet Hosting Review

For those websites owners who really want a reliable web host that offers a variety of useful features, FastComet is one of the most trustable and user-friendly web hosting in the industry.

No web hosting company is 100% perfect, but while comparing to other hosting companies of similar category, FastComet has really something special for its clients. It has an attractive uptime that definitely caught your attention. So, we want you to read the full FastComet Hosting Review before making a decision whether to purchase it or not.

Read our full FastComet Hosting Review to see why you should look for this web hosting.


FastComet is one of the most used web hosting services in the globe. The company is also relatively new but it offers a wide range of hosting services. Its non-compromising attitude to provide the highest performance to its users is one of the key factors that makes them stronger in the web hosting industry every year.

FastComet provides you with various products and services. These include cloud VPS hosting, web hosting, domain registration, dedicated servers, and open Source Hosting for Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, and Social Engine, among others.

There are many reasons why we prefer this web host for your shared hosting needs. We have so much to tell you about FastComet web hosting. We will discuss its Pros and Cons. So, let’s start reading the complete FastComet review.

About FastComet

According to its official record, initially, the company started their business as a system administration service provider in 2000s but later expanded to web hosting business in 2013.

The company’s headquarter is located in San Francisco. They have successfully amassed a customer base of 45,000+ across 83 countries. That huge customer base is supported by their major 8 server locations in cities like London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Singapore.

One interesting part of this hosting is that you cannot host a child porn site or any other illegal contents on FastComet servers. While many other sites are affected by the security breach, this ethical decision made this hosting much safer.

In addition, like other web hostings, FastComet hosting also provides domain registration facility to its customers. FastComet is now more focused on the packaged solution instead of normal web hosting services.

FastComet has received multiple awards. In 2018, the company won the 3rd place in the Best Web Hosting Company Award given by HostReview. The Company is also considered one of the Best Rated Web Hosts in 2017 by Host Jury.

Pros and Cons of Using FastComet Hosting

Well, in this FastComet Hosting Review, we have listed down some of its strength and weaknesses that it has. Let’s first take a look at its pros that make FastComet Hosting the top choice.

  1. Speed Optimisation Features: FastComet provides you with a site that has really fast loading speed optimization features. These features include JavaScript bundling, Cloudflare CDN Caching, Browser Optimization, Loosless Data Compression, Aggressive GZIP, Asynchronous Resource Loading, and AutoMinify, among others. With that, you have to bit worry about your customers getting frustrated with slow page loading speed as it is all taken care of for you.
  2. Free SSL Certificate and Domain: With FastComet, your site is made more secure with two-factor authentication and password protection and hotlink. Also, their malware removal features protect your site from the malicious attacks. The servers are all time monitored for 24/7/365 human being and a built-in prevention and reaction system solves issues on servers before it damages it completely.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth: Another advantage of using FastComet is that it offers an unlimited bandwidth. One can cater to millions of viewers per month with their unlimited bandwidth offer. You also do not incur extra charges for more than average of traffic, especially during peak seasons.
  4. Free Site Transfer: One of the cheapest packages of FastComet allows you to transfer one site from another hosting provider. This freebie still helps you to save your few pounds.
  5. Good Customer Support: FastComet provides an excellent customer support system through phone, LiveChat, and ticket submission. The customer support team of FastComet are always available to answer your queries 24/7/365 days.
  6. 45-day Money Back Guarantee: FastComet provides you with a 45-day money trial period. If you are not satisfied at any stage of the program, then you can just cancel the premium by informing the company within 45 days, and you will get the refund. All their shared hosting services are covered by their 45-day money back guarantee. For VPS and dedicated hosting, they only offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

Cons of Using FastComet Hosting

No web hosting provider is perfect. Similarly, FastComet Hosting does have its weaknesses, so let’s take a look at its few cons.

The Cons:

  1. Not Offer Dedicated IP Address: If you are looking for setting up a dedicated IP address on the shared hosting plan, then you are out of luck as FastComet Hosting only offers it on their VPS plan, which will be more expensive for you.

What is even more frustrating is that they do not allow you to pay for the service on their shared hosting plans, which means you have to upgrade it if you want to set up dedicated IP address.

  • Only Seven Days Trial For VPS Cloud Users: Another disadvantage of their VPS plans is that they offer only 7-day trial period. Those users who want to test out their VPS Cloud plans won’t be able to do much with VPS services.
  • Expensive monthly setup fees: The Company mentions no contract is needed for their hosting plans, but as it turns out they will charge you $19.95 setup fee if you subscribe their plans on a monthly basis. Plus, the setup fee is non-refundable. Signing up for one month contract with FastComet is not recommended.

Conclusion: Do We Recommend FastComet?

FastComet is highly recommended for those individuals who really want a reliable web host that offers various useful features.

FastComet is not 100% perfect but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. FastComet blew us away after knowing it’s amazing uptime, which is among the strongest we have seen so far. Not only that, but its customer service is also fast and friendly.

FastComet hosting is also a good option for sites handling low data. Since the company is growing at a rapid pace, it looks like they are upgrading their services and hardware for making their company a top-notch web hosting company.

It will be a better option for a WordPress users to start a site by hosting with FastComet web hosting company.