GoDaddy Hosting Review

Are you thinking of signing up with GoDaddy and hosting with them? Or you want to be 100% sure before you go ahead? For this, you must read our GoDaddy hosting review to get all your answer.

GoDaddy is well-known for their domain name registration services, and are also the largest web hosting provider in the industry.  GoDaddy also offers everything that you might need for establishing your online presence i.e., from custom email accounts to e-commerce solutions. As of May 2017, the company currently manages over 70M domain names for more than 16M customers worldwide, delivering world-class products at very competitive prices.

GoDaddy was reported as the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world in 2013. The company is popularly known for its advertising on television and in the newspapers.

About GoDaddy

While talking about its corporate history, GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons in Baltimore, Maryland.

Before GoDaddy, Bob sold his financial software services company, Parsons Technology to Intuit for $65 million in 1994. After that, he launched Jomax Technologies in 1997. However, in 1999, a group of male employees were brainstorming and decided to change the company name from ‘Jomax Technologies’ to ‘Big Daddy’. But the domain name was already purchased. Bob suggested ‘Go Daddy’ and that was luckily available, so he bought it. The company stuck with the name because people smiled when they heard it.

Later in 2006, the company changed its name branding from ‘Go Daddy’ to ‘GoDaddy’. As of now, GoDaddy is the world’s largest web host by market share.

After reading so far, you must be wondering if GoDaddy Hosting is the right choice for your website. As we’ll show you below, GoDaddy does some better things than just other web hosting services. And at the same time, they are definitely missing some stuff that you might consider pretty important. Unlike many other GoDaddy hosting review, we’re going to share you what are the cons and pros of using GoDaddy hosting.

Similarly, when you have finished reading this article, we hope you will know if this is the right web hosting service for you or not.

Pros and Cons of using GoDaddy Hosting:

Every hosting company has its pros and cons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hosting with GoDaddy Hosting. First, let’s check out the pros that make Godaddy Hosting a popular choice.

The Pros:

  1. UPTIME: It is not possible for any hosting services to claim 100% uptime. However, GoDaddy does guarantee an uptime of 99.96%. That’s really impressive! To put this in perspective, 99.96% uptime means that your site might be down for a little over 5hrs in any six month periods.
  2. GoDaddy Is Cheap: Their economy plan is $6.99/mo with 12 months lock-ins, but they always give away coupons for longer lock-ins, they are using their market presence and capital to really push down on prices.
  3. Offers Scale and Resources: Like other large hosting companies, the company also have issues with security. They represent a huge target to take down, especially when political controversy erupts. But GoDaddy has the scale and resources to tackle security problems that smaller hosts cannot work with. They have recently acquired SiteLock and Sucuri – the two major companies in the web security world.
  4. Brand Recognition and Stability: Yes, buying a big brand sometimes is a huge advantage even when a small upstart might be better. Big brands are stable and stick around. In an environment like the Internet where companies launch and fizzle daily, there is an advantage to going with a company that has been around since the early days of the consumer Internet.
  5. Customer Support: No matter whichever package you choose to purchase, the team member will always be there on standby 24/7. They are available via phone, and email, however, their LiveChat only offers support between the hours of 6 am to 10 pm. The interesting fact is the company received an award for their exceptional customer service in the year 2017. Furthermore, GoDaddy has a community support page that provides solutions for your site problems from other GoDaddy users.
  6. Refunds: Everyone loves a good money back guarantee services. With that keep in mind, GoDaddy offers a 45-days money back guarantee. That means anytime within those 45 days, if you feel unsatisfied with what you have bought into, you can request an account cancellation along with a full refund.
  7. WordPress Auto Installation: Another advantage of using GoDaddy hosting is that you can install WordPress automatically. Other web hosts take so much of time to download WordPress manually while GoDaddy can save your time and energy as it installs WordPress automatically.

CONS of Using GoDaddy:

No web hosting company is perfect, and there are a few cons to consider before you make the decision to use GoDaddy as your web host.

The Cons:

  1. Possibility of Losing Content: Once you selected the theme you want to use for your website, there is no going back options. Even if you try to change the pre-made template, there is a high possibility of losing your content.
  2. Not Helpful in Changing Web Host Provider: Despite its top-notch customer service ratings, as per online-forums GoDaddy is not so helpful when it comes to wanting to change your web host provider.
  3. Limitation on Storage: GoDaddy has its very restrictive rule on data and disk space which is a huge drawback. Only one plan offers you unlimited data and limits disk space.
  4. Website builders limited customization features.

Conclusion: Should You Choose GoDaddy?

If you are looking for a long-term hosting company, then GoDaddy is absolutely the right choice for you. GoDaddy’s hosting packages respond to a very varied customer segment from novices to seasoned experts.

If you want a cheap web hosting company with integrated products, then GoDaddy is the best choice for you. This provides you everything you need to set up a website or a blog.

GoDaddy web hosting plans are also interesting options for those individuals who are looking to build a WordPress powered websites. They offer core feature, brand-name stability, and affordable pricing.

However, if you are looking for a WordPress Hosting Plan with better features, support, and performance, then we would recommend InMotion’s WordPress Hosting plan.