HostMonster Hosting Review

HostMonster is a very simple and easy-to-use web host service provider that has various premium features, such as website marketing extra to help small businesses promote their product and services.

But be aware of its shortcomings!

Even though HostMonster web provides many VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting options for building your site, but has lots of issues (like lack of reseller, cloud, and WordPress hosting plans) that keep it out of the league of HostGator, DreamHost, and Hostwinds.

Well, in this article, we will find out how HostMonster does when it comes to WordPress-specific features, performance, support, and prices. Then we have the pros and cons of the service. We will provide you with everything you need to know to make a better decision. Let dive into HostMonster Hosting Review!


HostMonster is considered as one of the oldest web hosts in the industry. Like the other web hosting company, HostMonster is yet another web hosting company offering web hosting services in the budget-priced category. The company also specializes in hosting for small businesses. Like most other web hosting companies, HostMonster also provides a website builder, email, and various complementary services to web hosting.

Does HostMonster really offer web hosting plans with VPS features at a more affordable price, as their homepage claims? HostMonster has to offer a lot of features to its prospective users. The Company has a history of excellence and uptime, and caters to the needs of both individuals as well as business owners on the budget. They offer free domain names, webmail, unlimited disk storage, unlimited GB of site transfer, and other best-in-breed features depending on the plan that you have chosen.

Larger companies can find more powerful web hosting options with their VPS hosting and dedicated server plans. However, HostMonster is mainly focused on providing budget shared hosting.

About HostMonster

HostMonster was founded in the year 1996, making them one of the oldest web hosts in the industry. Later, the Company got merged with Endurance International Group (a huge web hosting conglomerate that owns more than 40 hosting brands) in 2015. Like BlueHost, HostGator, iDomain, and WebHositngHub, HostMonster is also a part of Endurance International Group (EIG). Their plan is best-suited to those individuals who are just starting a site for the first time.

Their data center is located in Provo, Utah within the same facilities as their sister brand Bluehost. In fact, a larger part of their brand is a replica of JustHost and Bluehost. As a result, HostMonster provides a quite similar hosting experience as other companies under EIG.

Is HostMonster the Same as BlueHost?

Since HostMonster is a sister company of Bluehost, the two seem almost identical in what they offer. As already mentioned, these two sisters companies are both the part of Endurance International Group.

For the most part, HostMonster is BlueHost with a different brand. In fact, if you search for the term ‘HostMonster’ on, then you will be directed to an entry on BlueHost.

Both the sister companies have same headquarter in Provo, Utah and share some similarities. HostMonster and BlueHost use the same support and management teams. They both are accused of CPU throttling (when a site uses many resources as determined by the host, and its CPU time and memory are cut back or limited to the extent that customer starts complaining.)

HostMonster maintains its own social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. While Bluehost does a far better of engaging users through social media and they enjoy a much large fan base and active pages.

Features of HostMonster

Here are some of the main features of HostMonster. Let’s take a closer look at its features!

  • Creating complex sites is easy with HostMonster’s website builder, and you can add image galleries, blogs, and bulletin boards to any site you create.
  • HostMonster has more than 100 apps, including WordPress to install.
  • You can also receive a free domain name for the first year of your contract.
  • It has a variety of e-commerce features, including a shopping cart and SSL secure server. But you have to pay an additional charge of $49.99 per year for an SSL certificate.
  • HostMonster has shared hosting add-ons, including a dedicated IP, domain names, spam filtering, and site backups and restores. These add-ons are helpful if you want to purchase a cheaper plan but need a feature that’s only available on the higher plans. 
  • Customer support is available via phone, chat, and email ticketing system. You can also find answers on the online user forums along with video tutorials on the company’s site.

Pros and Cons of Using HostMonster Hosting

Well, in this HostMonster Review, we have listed down some of its strength and weaknesses. Let’s first take a closer look at its pros that make HostMonster the people’s top choice.

The Pros:

  1. Uptime Guarantee: Like the other best web hosting companies, HostMonsters’ uptime is also rated the best, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It is because its uptime is related to their synchronized Universal Power System (UPS), which keeps the servers online in case of an electrical interruption. Their Xeon servers are also regularly updated with software upgrades without taking your site offline.
  • Best Suited For Typical User: HostMonster is a better option if you are a small business that plans on growing it, and your security requirements are not too stringent or you just want to experiment with creating a decent site exploring different features you might need in the future. HostMonster is an easy-to-use platform to get started.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: HostMonster does not put any restriction on your site traffic and monthly data transfers, hence you can enjoy receiving visitors and followers day in and day out.
  • Future-Proof Hosting: Apart from shared web hosting, HostMonster also offers VPS and dedicated servers for your site, meaning you can request for an upgrade if needed. Both the servers can be deployed within minutes of your registration.
  • Money Back Guarantee: You may request a refund within 30, if you cancel within 30-day money back guarantee then you receive a full refund on your hosting service. But if you cancel after the 30 days trial period, you receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your hosting term.

Cons of Using HostMonster Hosting

Like any web host, HostMonster has its disadvantages. Here, we have listed a few cons of hosting HostMonster.

  1. Restricted Web Space Allocation: Unfortunately, HostMonster reserves unlimited storage for its most expensive plans.
  • Expensive Renewal Rates: Although HostMonster’s introductory rates are fairly cheap, your subscription will renew at regular rates that are a tad heavier.

Conclusion: Do We Recommend HostMonster?

If you have a small website and like them already, they will just do fine – though you can do much better for your money. But if you are looking for an independent shared web hosting company with almost better performance, good pricing, and customer support, and don’t mind paying annually then we would recommend checking out InMotion Hosting here.

In addition, if you want a bigger brand with more affordable pricing and the options to pay monthly, then you can check out HostGator Hosting here. HostMonster may run WordPress, but all they offer is one-click downloads of the app. While other hosting companies provide you with optimized WordPress plans that are designed to run the CMS system at optimal performance. For this, we recommend you to check out for Bluehost’s WordPress plans that are built on VPS technology for extreme speed.