Live Sales Notification Plugin for WooCommerce

Live Sales Notification Plugin for WooCommerce

No Coding Required – No Configuration Needed – Easy to Install

FOMO is a new acronym that represents the expression of the fear of losing something. It is a well-known psychological principle that can increase your sales.

Robert Cialdini, in his book ‘Influence‘, writes about social proof as ‘the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.’

By displaying your visitors a pop-up window that shows a recent sale, you are likely to encourage them to make a purchase.

Similarly, Sales Power synchronizes with your store data to convert recent orders into sales notifications to promote purchasing activities in your store. It shows sales notification to the visitors on the bottom of the window. Visitors of your site will think that ‘other people are buying, I should buy too!’

The sales notification helps you combat the 85% site abandonment rate with recent sales notification.

Let’s learn more about it……

Why Do You Need This?

  • Increase conversions – This plugin will make your store look busier and give your customers the social proof they desperately need!
  • Display how many visitors have seen and purchased the products to create social proof.
  • Display a pop-up window of coupons to encourage new visitors to make the first purchase.
  • Give your site visitors a boost of confidence by showing what others bought in your online store, you will gain the trust of your customers.
  • Improve the user experience: with a surprising design, a perfect and lightweight integration, it instantly improves the user’s experience.


  • Popup window/Widget: Display the latest order as pop-up notifications or as a scrolling widget or both.
  • Feed in real time: Set how many more recent orders will be extracted from your Woocommerce database. When new orders arrive, the old ones are replaced in real time.
  • Create fake orders: Now, you can create fake orders to appear at the source, just like regular orders, without affecting your reports. It will be hidden from the WoocommerceàOrders.
  • Filter order status: Choose the orders in which the statuses should appear in the source. It also supports custom order statuses. It would be very useful if you want to include only the orders that are paid.
  • Intelligent order visualization: Display the product with the highest value in the pop-up window and other elements will be folded in “+ x items”.
  • Order sequence: Shows orders in ascending and descending orders or in randomly.
  • Delay time: You can set how long the pop-up window should remain on the visitor’s screen.
  • Delay first notification: Delay the first notification by x seconds after the visitor arrives at your website.
  • Limit pop-ups shown: Displays the pop-up window to a visitor only ‘x’ number of times in a given session.
  • Flexible layout: Personalize your pop-up design with labels and tags to display the content in any format. This will greatly help multi-lingual stores.
  • Case correction: Make your pop-up window look cleaner with the help of automatic case correction for customer’s first name/surname and city of the customers.
  • Color/font size: Match the design of the pop-up window with your theme by configuring the colors of your brand for the contents of the pop-up window.
  • Effect and position of pop-up: Choose between different animations effects for pop-up windows. Also, set the position to show the pop-up window on your visitor’s screen.


  • Works on mobile device: This plugin works perfectly on mobile and responsive devices.
  • Speed: The plugin will not affect the loading speed of your site.
  • Easy to use: The plugin is designed with a friendly interface. It only takes a second to configure with the optimal default configuration.