cali-free-blog-wordpress-theme 2019
Jun 14, 2019

The Cali WordPress theme is both beautiful and free theme of 2019. This theme offering a gorgeous blogging or magazine website for anything from travel to fashion. Upon first view, you’ll note that Cali offers a  very responsive layout for viewing on smaller devices. This not only improves your user-experience, but the search engines will take note and quickly boost your search results. Furthermore, Cali has a  cool & stunning format, with large photography locations and several white space to let your visitors breathe. It looks  a bit similar to an online magazine but it cuts down on the general clutter of a magazine. Several widgets are provided with Cali. These can be placed in areas like:

  1. the sidebar,
  2. header,
  3. and footer

For example, you might want a widget box that talks about the author and explains the history of their blog. That’s available in the About Me widget, which you would most likely place it in your sidebar. The carousel is one of the primary features from this theme, as it lets you share a beautiful series of photographs. You have options to show:

  1. certain posts,
  2. hide thumbnails,
  3. and get rid of post dates and authors.

In the options, Cali provides numerous settings for managing what your website looks like. For example, you might want to change around your colors to better match the colors in your own logo. We also like the fact that you can set certain amount of fonts so that your words pop and look more like your branding. Social buttons are also included with the very Cali WordPress theme. The theme has 2 positions to place your social media buttons. One of them is above your logo, so you can attract people to follow you on places like:

  1. Facebook
  2. and Twitter

Another reason we love the theme so much is because of the WooCommerce integration. This plugin automatically turns your blog into an  effective eCommerce website. This means you can start selling products or merchandise to your loving fans. The Google Fonts are supportive for switching out your typography, while the translation-ready tools are there to consider that all of your visitors are able to understand what’s being said in your articles. Many people also love the live customizer, which is perfect for those who don’t want to mess around with any  hard coding. Lastly, you can expect cross-browser support and Quick customer support when you opt for this free, modern WordPress theme.

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