cenote blogging WordPress theme 2019
Jun 14, 2019

The Cenote WordPress theme is a  cool theme for 2019. This theme packs quite a few features into a lightweight, free theme. It’s a free WordPress blogging theme with a neat and modern layout for running a personal blog or even something you plan to make benefit from. The good thing about Cenote is that it uses lots of white space and standard colors so you can use it for a wide variety of industries. For instance, some people like to take advantage of Cenote for fashion blogging. Others like it for:

  1. Travel
  2. Food
  3. lifestyle blogging

It fully depends on what your plans are, but the Cenote WordPress theme is very flexible and feature-rich for making those changes. The theme provides a one-click installation button, also with primary color options for matching your branding and logo. The four widget areas can easily be placed in the header or footer, as well as the sidebars. This theme is made to work perfect with the search engines. You can boost your rankings and try to find new  viewers of your posts.

Boxed and wide layouts makes sure that your site either covers the entire screen or cuts off at the sides. You’ll also find that the Cenote WordPress theme includes a very responsive design so that all of your visitors can see the content on mobile devices. The sticky menu is great so that your readers always have the menu in front of their eyes. We like this since it’s often hard to figure out where to go–but with a sticky menu, the next step is in front of you at all times. Another item to get excited about is the social icon options. Reveal icons from:

  1. Facebook,
  2. Pinterest
  3. Instagram
  4.  and more

Using the buttons to send people to your social pages. What’s more is that the Cenote theme has an area to adjust on custom CSS. The demo content is perfect for getting started with your design, but more advanced coders will appreciate the custom CSS. Overall, the Cenote WordPress theme is a well-documented option, and you get few translation tools for improving your reach and finding your audience.

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