WooCommerce Sales Booster Plugin



Easy Install, Easy Customize, Boost Sales!

Are you a product-oriented company? Do you want to sell your products locally or internationally? If so, then WooCommerce web hosting would be the best choice for your online stores.

With millions of downloads, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet.

Ready to use WooCommerce plugins? However, there are thousands of WooCommerce plugins available on the internet, then how do you find out the best one? If you add an incorrect plugin and suddenly your site stops working completely…..!

        Don’t panic, my friend.

Now, it’s time to take your online store to the next level with SALES POWER.

This plugin is mainly designed to boost your sales. Yes, you heard it right! Not only it helps boost sales but it also increases average cart value, So What Are You Waiting For?

If you already do not have this option on your site, then you are seriously missing out. Sales Power plugin is really very easy to install and customize. With this plugin, you can increase the revenue as well as profitability.

With this plugin, you can do all the following:

  • Exit Intent dialog customizable for every product
  • Add up multiple Upsell item
  • Add up Cross-sell items
  • Add custom discount bundle.
  • Add Sales notification
  • Add discount progress bar

       HOW AweSome Is That?

Another best things about the Sales Power plugin is that it has a friendly interface and is easy to use.

Here is how the Sales Power plugin helps you to boost sales to your store:

Lives Sales Notification

Sales Power syncs with your store data to turn recent orders into sales notifications to promote purchase activities on your storefront. It displays sales notification to the visitors on the bottom of the window.

Sales notification helps you combat the 85% rate of site abandonment with recent sales notification.


When customers see a specific products, Sales Power will display a Upsell notifications to suggest items that are regularly purchased together that customers might be interested in.

Displaying a quick preview of proposed product, Sales Power motivates your customers to buy immediately after just one-click!

Prevent Cart Abandonment

Sales Power plugin tells your customers how many have completed the verification in the last 24 hours and the numbers of items left in stock.

By persuading customers that their items are selling quickly, Sales Power encourages customers to complete a quick check.

Discount Progress Bar

Sales Power setup a threshold amount for a discount. Discount progress bar shows how much customer must spend to get the discount. It encourages customers to buy more product.

Enable progress bar at the bottom of the page. Track the amount and reach the threshold specified to get a discount.

Discount on Exit Intent

95% of your online store visitors abandon your store. 60% of them will never return. However, our ‘Exit Intent’ help you convert those visitors into customers a second before they leave your store.

It tracks the movement of each visitor’s cursor in real time. This Exit Intent detects the exact millisecond when a customer shows the intentions to leave your site, and it encourages you customer to stay and buy your products.

No Waiting. No Question Asked. No Risk!

These are the feature what Sales Power Plugin can offer you and here’s what you need to do: Click this button and order now.

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